Attention note:

The employees of University of Silesia, and Ph.D. Candidates from Doctoral School may use the e-mail accounts in the following form: Before usage of UŚ mail, the e-mail account should be properly activated. The activation process is possible only when you use UŚ USNET computers (IP

You can activate yor e-mail account remotely, the whole process of activation is as follows:

  • You have to open a webpage for activation of UŚ electronic mail accounts,
  • You have to agree to processed your personal data,
  • You should understand the internal regulations of UŚK network.
  • You have to fullfill and send the application form with the personal data such as employee’s number, first name, last name, date of birth. In the case of Doctoral School, the employee number is formed in the following way: 7000number_of_grade_book (if the number of the grade book is 8898, you should enter 70008898).

During the activation process, an activation secret code is created on the basis of information provided by the employee, which is compared with the code stored in the computer system. To succesfully activate the e-mail account, both codes must match. This means that the employee must provide correct employee’s number, first name, middle name, last name and date of birth exactly as entered in the SAP system.

Attention note: newly recruited employees may not be included in the database we have for a certain period.

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